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AI could generate more revenue than human workers by the end of the decade

artificial intelligence
(Image credit: Image Credit: Geralt / Pixabay)

In less than a decade, you'll earn your company less money than artificial intelligence. This is according to a new forecast by software company Citrix, which paints a picture in which the rise of AI will afford humans more time to focus on creative and strategic work (opens in new tab).

The forecast was arrived at through a combination of detailed scenario planning, and a survey of 1,200 business leaders in the UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands. The majority of respondents believe every organization will have a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAI) by 2035, tasked with helping the CEO make business decisions.

Some even think that “traditional leadership” might be subverted within a decade, with AI responsible for making most business decisions.

Besides making all the calls (and making them a lot faster than any human ever could), AI (opens in new tab) will also be a major factor in upskilling humans and increasing their productivity.

Respondents believe this could be achieved by “gathering facts, processing large amounts of business performance data, or conducting initial analysis and presenting opinions for decision-makers to review”.

“As intelligent technologies automate the burden of repetitive, task-based work, uniquely human skills like creativity and the ability to learn will drive future value,” said Darren Fields, Regional Vice President, UK & Ireland at Citrix.

“The future of work is the space to succeed, and our study shows that we are on the brink of some watershed moments in the evolving relationship between people and technology in the workplace.”

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