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AI could lead to more jobs being created

(Image credit: Shutterstock/Mopic)

With all the talk about AI leaving people jobless, it's nice to see a positive perspective, 

A report from Robert Half Technology UK asked CIOs if AI will have a positive or negative impact on job creation and recruitment, finding that over half (51 per cent) think the effects will be positive. 

More precisely, 14 per cent think it will have a “very positive impact”. The research also showed that almost two thirds (64 per cent) think AI will have a positive effect on employee productivity, too.

“AI will transform businesses and enable them to enter new markets, diversify their operations, improve their ability to address their customers’ needs and improve their competitive advantage,” said Matt Weston, UK Managing Director at Robert Half.

“AI’s potential to also transform the way we work can’t be overshadowed. In fact, a quarter of CIOs in the UK are already considering the expectations of their future IT departments; both the staffing and the infrastructure requirements that will accompany this”.

AI or no AI, there is another major concern that won’t go away any time soon, and that is the ever-increasing skills gap. The report says there is an ‘acute talent shortage facing both the UK and the international business community’.

Four in five CIOs believe it is more challenging to find qualified professionals today, than it was five years ago.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Mopic