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AI set to boost cybersecurity industry

(Image credit: Image Credit: Enzozo / Shutterstock)

The everyday work of cybersecurity experts in businesses all over the world is getting increasingly more challenging. Not only are hackers and other malicious actors getting smarter and more sophisticated with their attacks, the potential attack surface is also growing.

Gone are the days when hackers could just attack a computer. They now have smartphones, printers, cloud services, IoT devices, and a myriad of other internet-connected gadgets that can be compromised and used for different nefarious purposes.

That is why businesses are turning more and more towards artificial intelligence as they look for new tools to help them combat these threats.

A new report by the Capgemini Research Institute says two thirds of organisations in 10 countries agree that without AI (opens in new tab), they won't be able to respond to critical threats.

The report is based on a poll of 850 senior IT executives from IT information security, cybersecurity and IT operations across 10 countries and seven business sectors. For two thirds, AI (opens in new tab)lowers the cost of detecting breaches and responding to them, by 12 per cent, on average.

For three quarters, AI will help them respond faster by reducing time necessary to detect threats, remedy breaches and implement patches. Seven in ten also said AI improves the accuracy of detecting breaches, and six in ten said it increases the efficiency of cybersceurity analysts.

AI (opens in new tab)offers huge opportunities for cybersecurity,” says Oliver Scherer, CISO of Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. “This is because you move from detection, manual reaction and remediation towards an automated remediation, which organizations would like to achieve in the next three or five years.”

More details about the report can be found on this link (opens in new tab).

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