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AI still set to massively change the way we work

(Image credit: Image Credit: Alex KNight / Unsplash)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is unlikely to snatch your job, but it is likely to fundamentally change it, according to a new report from software firm Citrix.

Based on a poll of more than 500 C-Suite leaders and 1,000 employees, the report claims that flexible models and intelligent solutions will “remove the complexity and noise from work”.

As a result, employees will be more engaged, more productive and fuel innovation and growth “like never before”. Most UK respondents believe that, within the next 15 years, AI will dramatically speed up the process of making decisions.

The answer to the old question about whether AI will take away jobs is a resounding no, according to Citrix.

Once AI becomes omnipresent in the workplace, new jobs will start to emerge, such as robot/AI trainer, advanced data scientist, privacy and trust manager, or design thinker.

Work will also be more flexible and the concept of leadership will be redefined. More than half of UK respondents believe AI will make the majority of business decisions by 2035, potentially eliminating the need for traditional senior management teams.

Further, two thirds of UK professionals think most businesses will have a central AI department overseeing all areas of business.