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Alibaba Cloud launches cloud and AI solutions in Europe

(Image credit: Image Credit: Alibaba Group)

The cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud (opens in new tab) has announced that it will launch eight products from big data and AI to infrastructure, security and private cloud solutions to aid European businesses in their digital transformation efforts (opens in new tab).

When it comes to data technology and AI, the company is launching three key products: Image Search solutions which lets users search online and offline for information using images, a chatbot for business called Intelligent Services Robot and Dataphin, an intelligent data engine to help businesses deal with cross-industry big data development, management and application needs. 

Alibaba Cloud will also launch ECS Baremetal Instance which is a new high performance computing solution of ECS that is able to merge the best parts of virtual systems and servers.  By connecting ECS Baremetal Instances with a super computer, organisations can utilise a Super Computing Cluster to reduce network latency to the level of micro-seconds. 

The company will also introduce its next-gen intelligent Cloud enterprise Network (CEN) as well its high-performing security solution, Vulnerability Discover Service.  Alibaba Cloud will also be releasing an international version of its Apsara Stack to provide enterprises with a scalable and hybrid cloud services platform. 

General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Europe, Yeming Wang explained the company's decision to bring these products to the European market, saying: 

“The decision making around how a business is to operate in the digital age is increasingly a strategic one. To meet their changing needs, we are able to leverage our practical experience of digital transformation and successes accumulated in China to the benefit of European enterprises. These advanced solutions will enable organizations in a wide range of sectors and will bring them true connectivity, both locally and globally. For Alibaba Cloud, this is the true meaning of inclusive technology.”     

Alibaba Cloud's products have been tested thoroughly in the Chinese Market with its Intelligent Service Robot serving over 40m customers during last year's 11.11 Global Shopping Festival (opens in new tab) and its intelligent data engine, Dataphin managing 95 per cent of all the data handled by Alibaba Group.    

European customers will soon have access to all of Alibaba Cloud's new products which the company is showcasing at this year's Mobile World Congress. 

Image Credit: Alibaba Group

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