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Almost a million public sector jobs to be automated by 2030

Approximately 16 per cent of all UK jobs could be automated by 2030, according to a new report by Deloitte. And that's just public sector jobs – a total of 861,000 of them.  

Deloitte says all sectors will be affected by the upcoming technology, but the highest impact will be observed in transportation and storage (74 per cent of jobs), wholesale and retail (59 per cent of jobs), and manufacturing (56 per cent of jobs). Even though there are some jobs in the private sector, such as education and caring, that still have a low risk of automation, Deloitte believes the new technology could reduce up to £17 billion in public sector wage costs by 2030.  

“Across all sectors of the economy, technological advances mean that repetitive and predictable tasks are increasingly undertaken by robots – either in the form of software or devices. The public sector is no different,” said Mike Turley, global head of public sector at Deloitte. 

“The public sector has a high number of public-facing roles, particularly those in areas such as education and caring. These will be relatively safe from automation and could see the public sector impacted less than other sectors. However, automation still has significant potential to support cost reduction, meet citizens’ expectations of public services, free up real estate, save staff time and improve productivity.” 

Turley does not believe automation will leave people jobless – it will just make their day easier. 

“For many roles, particularly those requiring a high degree of cognitive skill, automation is likely to complement roles rather than replace them. For example, senior figures in policing, fire and prisons could utilise technology such as data analytics to inform their decision-making, helping them better understand demand for their services and performance.” 

Image Credit: Tatiana Shepeleva / Shutterstock

Sead Fadilpašić

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