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Almost all businesses expect revenue per user growth as a result of 5G investment

(Image credit: O2)

The telecoms industry is widely optimistic about 5G and its return on investment, but 5G-powered products need to be more secure and better tailored for enterprise use, according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Fortinet.

Based on a poll of telecoms businesses, the report states that 90 percent expect growth in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) from their 5G investments, evenly split between private and public 5G networks.

Because the majority of private networks are to be managed by the operators themselves, these companies could end up capturing as much as 75 percent of the overall 5G market.

But none of this will come to fruition unless existing security measures are not fortified; almost two thirds (64 percent) believe both architecture and operations need to be strengthened.

Further, business solutions need to be better tailored for specific use cases, which is considered either critical or very important by the vast majority of respondents.

“Providing undifferentiated mobile connectivity services will no longer suffice,” the report argues. In order to succeed, telecoms will need to create shared responsibility partnerships with other providers and enterprise customers, Fortinet argues.

“From an infrastructure perspective, the migration of today’s mobile networks to 5G – especially standalone (SA) implementations - creates new security imperatives that extend well beyond inherent 5G capabilities as defined by 3GPP," said Ronen Shpirer, Director Solutions Marketing at Fortinet.

"The virtualized, distributed and dynamic nature of the 5G core combined with massive increases in scalability, the growing utilization of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), and overall critical use cases, requires strong security for the underlying infrastructure and the business use cases."