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Almost all businesses have reassessed their tech strategy in light of Covid-19

(Image credit: Image Credit: Georgejmclittle / Shutterstock)

Almost all organisations have been forced to reassess their technology priorities as a result of the pandemic, with the vast majority pivoting to focus more closely on digital customer experience.

This is according to a new report from AppDynamics, which explains the shift has placed significant strain on technologists, who have been left without sufficient resources or support to deliver on these new objectives.

Technology staff reported a lack of visibility and insight into the performance of the technology stack, which they believe is holding them back from providing the best possible customer experience.

Challenges associated with delivering seamless customer experience during the pandemic also include taming website traffic spikes and managing issue resolutions with a remote IT department.

Besides greater visibility into the technology stack, respondents demanded clear goals and objectives, real-time data if relevant, as well as the freedom to experiment.

According to 81 percent of respondents, Covid-19 has brought with it a period of unprecedented strain for technologists, with many experiencing more pressure than ever before.