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Almost half of NHS Trusts don't monitor employee cloud app usage

Almost half of NHS Trusts don’t monitor their employees’ cloud apps usage, a new report by Netskope says. Based on a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, the report says that out of 43 UK’s Acute NHS Trusts that responded, 53 per cent believe all unsanctioned apps are blocked, while 19 per cent confirmed app usage is monitored.  Netskope says that if these Trusts believe app usage is blocked and are not really monitoring it, there is a serious risk of sensitive data getting uploaded and shared via cloud apps without IT’s permission. 

This is not the only unknown among Trusts. Almost a third (30 per cent) aren’t sure how many cloud apps are in use, at all. Another third (35 per cent) couldn’t come up with a definitive number of apps used. 

“While the NHS has shown great commitment to digitally transforming the patient experience, our data shows a concerning lack of awareness – both in terms of the potential security threats stemming from the cloud and also the data being stored and shared by employees through cloud apps,” says Jonathan Mepsted, managing director UK at Netskope.  

“Given the NHS deadline to go paperless by 2020 and the resulting push towards a digital-first strategy, NHS Trusts will need to ensure the correct security controls are in place in order to remain vigilant to the possible threats posed by cloud apps and take proactive measures to secure data in the cloud.” 

The cloud security company concluded the story by saying that on average, 26 pieces are found in cloud apps across a given organisation, and more than 43 per cent delivered ransomware.

Image source: Shutterstock/bluebay

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