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Amazon and Microsoft IaaS leaders, Gartner says

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Market analysts Gartner have released a new magic quadrant (opens in new tab) that visualises how cloud companies are currently sitting in the market. According to the report, Amazon and Microsoft are the sole leaders of the market, with the rest far, far behind.

Amazon Web Services is leading the charge. Microsoft is (sort of) trailing, but it is still considered a leader in the IaaS market.

Google is considered 'visionary', but it is on the very border of becoming a leader.

Other companies that fell under the 'visionaries' category are Alibaba Cloud, IBM and Oracle.

Yes, Oracle. Gartner says it is still not a market leader because its cloud offering is “a bare-bones 'minimum viable product'” that offers “only the most vitally necessary cloud IaaS compute, storage and networking capabilities.”

(Image credit: Image Credit: Gartner)

However, there's hope. 

“Oracle has a realistic perspective on its late entry into the market, and has a sensible engineering roadmap focused on building a set of core capabilities that will eventually make it attractive for targeted use cases.”

The fourth category, Niche Players, includes Virtustream, CenturyLink, Rackspace, Joyent, Interoute, Fujitsu, Skytap and NTT Communications. 

“AWS is the most mature, enterprise-ready provider, with the deepest capabilities for governing a large number of users and resources,” Gartner says in its report. 

“Thus, it is the provider not only chosen by customers that value innovation and are implementing digital business projects, but also preferred by customers that are migrating traditional data centres to cloud IaaS.”

Image Credit: TZIDO SUN / Shutterstock

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