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Amazon Go set to open second store

(Image credit: Image Credit: OCSICO)

It seems as Amazon is really serious about its 'No Checkout' idea, as it is about to open a second Amazon Go store in Seattle. The store will be located roughly a mile away from the first one, in the new Madison Centre office tower, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Marion Street.

Amazon confirmed the new store in a statement, saying “We are excited to bring Amazon Go to 920 5th Avenue in Seattle. The store will open in Fall 2018.”

GeekWire has been doing some digging and found permit filings with the city of Seattle. These documents show that the store will be roughly 3,000 square feet in size, bigger than the original one (1,800 square feet).

Amazon first announced Amazon Go in 2016, with the store opening last year. Amazon Go is a store in which there are no checkouts – customers can simply walk it, grab what they need and walk out. The store is equipped with sensors and the user needs to have a mobile app installed.

The sensors track the customer through the store, see what they're looking to buy, and once they leave the store with the item, their card gets charged through the app.

Image Credit: OCSICO


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