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Amazon has finally broken up with Oracle

(Image credit: Image Credit: Gil C / Shutterstock)

The love-hate relationship between Oracle and Amazon has gotten a new chapter, as Amazon finally moves the last of its databases away from Oracle's cloud. In the final move, which was unveiled in an Amazon blog post, 75 petabytes of data in roughly 7,500 Oracle databases were migrated to AWS database services.

Oracle's CTO Larry Ellison frequently took to the media to slam AWS claiming, on multiple occasions, the superiority of Oracle over AWS. In one instance, he even said that no “normal person” would ever make the switch.

Amazon, on the other hand, seems to be using the opportunity to create a new sales pitch. Describing the decision to move, Amazon said Oracle’s databases were “legacy” tech.

“Instead of focusing on high-value differentiated work, our database administrators (DBAs) spent a lot of time simply keeping the lights on while transaction rates climbed and the overall amount of stored data mounted,” Amazon said.

“This included time spent dealing with complex & inefficient hardware provisioning, license management, and many other issues that are now best handled by modern, managed database services.”

It even created a video of the company switching databases, which shows employees celebrating the move. Amazon said that by switching, it is cutting costs, improving performance and reducing administrative overhead.