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Amazon Kendra moves to general availability

(Image credit: Image Credit: Gil C / Shutterstock)

Amazon Kendra, the company's machine learning (ML)-powered enterprise search service, is now widely available to Amazon Web Services customers, the company has announced.

The tool's objective is to improve and simplify enterprise data search - which appears to be a significant pain point for many businesses and a potential GDPR issue.

Businesses create and store vast amounts of data from various sources. Often, this data is not indexed, remains dormant in dark corners of the company network and is never utilised, despite its enormous potential value.

With Kendra, Amazon aims to put this data to good use, creating an index by drawing data from across multiple storage locations - such as SharePoint, Intranet, Amazon Simple Storage Service, and on-premises systems.

Amazon Kendra allows users to query this index in a natural, conversational style. For example, users can ask “when does the IT help desk open?” and Kendra will issue a precise response: “9:30 AM.”

Amazon also claims Kendra was developed with data privacy and access management in mind. The tool can scan permissions on various documents and only return results the specific user has permission to access.

Kendra currently understands industry-specific language relating to IT, healthcare, insurance, energy, finance and more - with additional support set to arrive in the second half of the year.