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Amazon launching long-range Sidewalk network for IoT devices

(Image credit: Image Credit: Melpomene / Shutterstock)

Amazon is working on a long-range network that doesn’t have the shortcomings of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This network is to be used to control Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the media are reporting.

The project is called Amazon Sidewalk, and the company hopes it could find its use for things like garden water sensors or mailboxes. The problem with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is, according to Amazon, that it uses too much power and has limited range.

By using the 900 megahertz spectrum, the distance at which IoT devices can be controlled increases, and the energy needed to run the network – decreases.

“People don’t even realize yet how important that intermediate range is going to be, for things like lights in your yard, controlling your lights on your sidewalk in the street,” said Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, during Amazon’s annual Alexa devices launch in Seattle.

The network protocol is scheduled to be published soon, allowing developers to build new products on it. According to Amazon, Sidewalk was being tested in Los Angeles, but we don’t know when it may be released for commercial use.

Amazon said that it plans on releasing a pet tracker next year as a reference design for developers that can use the network to alert the owner if their pet moves out of a certain radius.