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Amazon 'likely to win' JEDI cloud contract appeal

(Image credit: Pixabay)

Amazon's appeal against the award of the $10 billion Pentagon cloud contract (JEDI) to Microsoft is looking increasingly likely to succeed.

According to Reuters, US Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith of the Court of Federal Claims said Amazon is correct to assert that the Defence Department miscalculated one of Microsoft’s price scenarios for data storage.

The judge’s opinion - unsealed on Friday - said that Amazon “is likely to succeed on the merits of [this] argument." The company will likely be able to prove one of Microsoft’s storage scenarios was not in fact “technically feasible”.

“In the context of a procurement for cloud computing services, the court considers it quite likely that this failure is material,” said Campbell-Smith.

Microsoft played down the importance of the judge’s conclusion, suggesting it related to a “lone technical finding by the Department of Defence about data storage” and that this was just one out of six possible scenarios.

In a statement, Microsoft spokesperson Frank X. Shaw said “the government makes clear that in their view Microsoft’s solution met the technical standards and performed as needed.”

Although JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure) was initially awarded to Microsoft, Amazon managed to prevent the contract from moving forward, claiming US President Donald Trump influenced the Pentagon’s decision.

Amazon argues Trump's distaste for Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is clear, born of Bezos' association with the Washington Post, a publication often critical of the Trump administration.

The unsealed opinion did not address these claims.

Sead Fadilpašić

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