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Amazon plans 3,000 self-service Go stores

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Self-service shopping is set to get even more widespread with Amazon planning a major expansion of its AmazonGo cashierless store.

This is according to Bloomberg, who reports the company is planning as many as 3,000 new stores within the next few years as it continues 'experimenting' to find the optimal model, to reinvent the classic brick and mortar store. 

Amazon's reaction to Bloomberg's report is that it 'doesn't comment on rumour or speculation'. 

The company has its eyes set on these stores because that's where much consumer spending still occurs. It opened the first AmazonGo cashierless store back in 2016 in Seattle, Washington, and made quite the stir. The second checkout-free store was announced back in July this year. It is also located in Seattle, in the new Madison Centre office tower, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Marion Street.

Amazon confirmed it was working on the second store, saying it planned to open it in Fall 2018.

Amazon Go is a store in which there are no checkouts – customers can simply walk it, grab what they need and walk out. The store is equipped with sensors and the user needs to have a mobile app installed.

The sensors track the customer through the store, see what they're looking to buy, and once they leave the store with the item, their card gets charged through the app.

Image Credit: OCSICO

Edit: Added Amazon's reaction

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