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Amazon QuickSight now available

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that its newest feature, the Amazon QuickSight, is now available to all customers. QuickSight allows users to build visualisations, perform ad-hoc analysis and get business insights from their data.  Amazon said more than 1,500 customers have been using it during the preview phase. 

Customers came from a wide variety of industries and are varied in size, from start-ups to global enterprises. The new offering can connect to both AWS and non-AWS data sources, and offers fast query performance for the Super-fast, Parallel, In-Memory Calculation Engine (SPICE).  

“Amazon QuickSight makes business analytics much easier, more accessible, cost effective, and faster than ever before,” said Raju Gulabani, Vice President, Database Services, Amazon Web Services. 

“Because so many companies store data in AWS, it’s very appealing to these customers that Amazon QuickSight can automatically discover their data in AWS, move it to SPICE, and return query results so quickly – all for one-tenth the cost of traditional BI solutions.” SPICE employs a mix of columnar storage, in-memory tech and machine code generation, which allows users, by the thousands, to run interactive queries on large datasets.  

“As users explore their data, Amazon QuickSight infers data types and relationships, issues optimal queries to extract relevant data, aggregates the results in the SPICE engine, and provides suggestions for the best possible visualizations of the data – from bar and line graphs to pie charts and scatter plots or heat maps and pivot tables,” 

Amazon said in the press release. Pricing starts at $9,00 per user, per month. More information about the new offering can be found on this link.   

Image Credit: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock

Sead Fadilpašić

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