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Amazon seeks to block Microsoft from fulfilling JEDI

(Image credit: Image Credit: Rawpixel / Shutterstock)

First it was a protest, then an official appeal, and now a request for a temporary restraining order. Amazon is doing all it can to make sure Microsoft regrets winning the cloud contract with the Pentagon.

Next week, the cloud giant will ask a federal court to establish a temporary restraining order against Microsoft for the $10bn-heavy, four-year long cloud security contract JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure).

Late last year, Amazon filed a complaint and supplemental notion for discovery in the US Court of Federal Claims. It argues that US President exerted “improper pressure” against the Department of Defence (DoD) and forced it into picking Microsoft, mostly because he has personal issues with Amazon president Jeff Bezos.

The DoD denied such claims, saying the decision was made in a free and fair manner.

JEDI is a huge contract which will see most of the Pentagon’s network migrated to the cloud. It should give the military better access to data.

Microsoft is being silent on the matter, deciding not to comment on Amazon’s actions, although it has previously said it believed the DoD did a good job.

“We believe the facts will show they (DoD) ran a detailed, thorough and fair process in determining the needs of the warfighter were best met by Microsoft,” Microsoft said in an emailed statement last year.

Amazon, too, is keeping quiet for the moment, but an overall decision should be made by February 11.