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Amazon targets airports for new checkout-free stores

(Image credit: Image Credit: OCSICO)

Amazon wants to bring its cashierless stores to airports, according to reports.

Reuters reported an alleged email correspondence between representatives of Amazon and a technology adviser who supports Los Angeles International, one of the biggest airports in California.

The email chat shows Amazon representatives suggesting a chat with airport managers about a number of different ways to do business together, Amazon Go included. Airport managers responded positively.

An airport information technology manager apparently wrote: “I am looking forward to moving forward with the Amazon Go technology at the airport.”

Other than that, information is scarce, and all parties are tight-lipped. What we do know, from Reuters' report, is that Amazon will have to undergo a competitive bid process to become a concessionaire, as is typical.

Amazon Go is a futuristic type of retail store in which there are no cashiers. Instead, consumers install a mobile app which tracks their movement through the store, while in-store cameras track what they pick up. Once they leave, the app simply charges their card for the items they took out.

Amazon has opened seven of the stores to the public since January: in Chicago, San Francisco and its hometown Seattle. Reuters says these are catering mostly to 'workers in nearby offices looking for a quick lunch'.

Image Credit: OCSICO