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Amazon unveils its largest ever eco project

(Image credit: Image Credit: Gil C / Shutterstock)

Amazon has unveiled its “largest single-site renewable energy project to date”.

The company is building an offshore wind farm in the Netherlands, which is scheduled to enter operation in 2023. It will be run by the Crosswind Consortium, a joint venture between energy companies Shell and Eneco, Amazon explained in a press release.

The company claims the farm will have an overall capacity of 759 megawatts (MW), which will supply the electrical grid that powers the country, without government subsidies. Amazon will purchase more than half of that capacity for its European-based operations.

It’s not just “another farm” either, Amazon further states, as it will come with a number of “unique innovations”, including new technologies that could be implemented at scale in the future.

These include a floating solar park, short-term battery storage, optimized turbines and an innovative storage technique: “green hydrogen” built by electrolysis. Amazon believes these new technologies will serve as a demonstration of how power supply can be continuous, even when wind conditions are less than optimal.

In 2019, Amazon announced its Climate Pledge - a plan to go carbon-neutral by 2040. This includes, among other things, switching completely to renewable energy sources by 2030. Now, the company believes it underestimated its efforts and claims it can achieve that goal five years earlier, by 2025.