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Amazon wants to put Alexa into your office

(Image credit: Image Credit: Amedley / Shutterstock)

Amazon Alexa conquering every household in the States is not enough for the company – it now wants to push the device into businesses as well.

Reports have emerged of a new Amazon Alexa for Business platform, which would allow businesses to build their own skills and integrations for practical and business use cases.

Businesses could use Alexa to quickly bring up relevant data on specific customers. It could also be used to do more trivial things, like turning the lights in the conference room on or off. But for Amazon, it's much more than what the device can be used for. It's more about who can use it. On one hand, there is Amazon, getting valuable data from large-scale customers, and consequently – a new revenue stream.

On the other hand are developers who will be looking to build new solutions for Alexa for Business.

Alexa is already huge. Amazon has already sold more than 15 million devices across the states. CNBC states that by the time we reach 2020, Amazon could have 500 million active users, globally. That equals to 60 million units sold in 2020 alone.

"Our take is that Amazon has a potential mega-hit on its hands with Alexa – a product/service that has the potential to materially increase the frequency and intensity of Amazon's relationship with its customers," RBC Capital Markets said in a note, back in March.

Image Credit: Amedley / Shutterstock