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AMD - we’re back, and taking the fight to Intel

When it comes to the high-powered computing market and data centre sectors, Intel has had a firm lead over the competition for some time.

However this may all be about to change, after AMD today revealed its plans to fight back with its new EPYC 7000 series of data centre processors.

Offering a fully scalable solution that it says can out-perform Intel’s offerings, AMD’s EPYC was revealed to the world at an event in Austin, Texas today, attended by ITProPortal.

The launch was not just a spontaneous decision though, as AMD CTO Mark Papermaster revealed at a media briefing before the launch event.

"We didn't just wake up and back into this kind of solution - this is what we set out to do,” Papermaster said. “At AMD, we had a fundamental decision to make - where was the market going, and how do we drive our technology, and our products, to be there?"

"We looked at the industry and saw the explosion of data - it was already clear that there would be a plethora of devices, creating a massive amount of data that would have to be processed to make it useful...and we knew that to make it useful, you would need it to be processed in the cloud."

In such a highly competitive market, then, AMD knew it had to offer something truly different in order to stand out, and Papermaster claims that the EPYC 7000 series could do just that.

"We've re-engineered engineering,” he said, “We wanted to be differentiated - both in our CPU, our GPU, and how we put it together.”

"You can't fool anybody when it comes to the data centre...a one size solution doesn't fit all anymore."

"AMD has designed EPYC to deliver performance not just for the workloads that we know today, but for the explosive market around machine intelligence and workloads that can level machine accelerators."

With the new chips available now, and an ecosystem that includes industry heavyweights such as Lenovo, HPE and Samsung, it seems that the EPYC series could already be along the way to becoming a success for AMD as it looks to re-launch itself in this market.

Papermaster underlined the company’s enthusiasm and ambition, noting that the move had been five years in the making, so it was keen to make a success of it.

"AMD is delivering on what we promised,” he concluded. “This is just the beginning to get us back into high performance - and you have our commitment that we are back to stay."

Mike Moore is Deputy Editor at TechRadar Pro, and has worked as a B2B and B2C tech journalist for nearly a decade, including at one of the UK's leading national newspapers and ITProPortal.