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Apple and Amazon most popular brands online according to AI

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Apple, Amazon and Sony are the best performing online companies (opens in new tab) following AI analysis of over 57 million opinions on the web, according to social media listening analysts SentiOne.

The company, which carries out social media listening research using artificial intelligence, has released its 2021 Social Index Report, which ranks 345 brands and products identified using powerful AI algorithms.

Findings include information on trends, consumer preferences and how popular brands are based on their reach and the amount they’re talked about online. The research covered five sectors including automotive, consumer electronics, e-commerce (opens in new tab), fashion, finance (opens in new tab) and banking. 

Out of all 345 brands that the online listening company studied, Apple took the first place spot overall, followed by Amazon and then Sony. Unsurprisingly, Apple came first in the consumer electrics sector too, with Sony and Nintendo bringing up the rear thanks to the topic of gaming dominating the world of online chatter.

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Fashion, cars and finance

Predictably, Nike, Gucci and Adidas sit at the head of the table when it comes to fashion brands while the automotive sector featured Tesla, Toyota and BMW in the first, second and third slots.

Meanwhile, PayPal sits at the top of the finance sector brands, closely followed by CashApp and Deutsche Bank. 

SentiOne’s data analysis also revealed a lot of interest in the world of Bitcoin, with discussion hubs on digital finance (opens in new tab) and fintech proving of continued interest with people online, despite some of the negative reporting surrounding the world of cryptocurrencies.

Following the global pandemic, it comes as no surprise to see the continued growth of the e-commerce sector (opens in new tab), with Amazon still as popular as ever. The pandemic has also produced growing interest in other online outlets too though, with crafting website Etsy taking third place in the e-commerce bracket. 

In fact, Etsy’s thriving Community Forum was found to be the top source of discussions in the entire category by SentiOne’s complex AI algorithms.

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