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Apple and Samsung back in court

(Image credit: Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock)

Samsung and Apple are back at it with patent infringement lawsuits. In the latest turn of events, Apple is suing Samsung and asking for $1 billion. The American tech giant is arguing in front of the San Jose, California court that the Korean manufacturer infringed upon three design patents, as well as two utility patents.

The company’s lawyers are saying Samsung had earned billions of dollars from smartphones with Apple’s design patents. With utility patents, this figure would rise even further.

Samsung, on the other hand, does not deny the fact that it had infringed on Apple’s patents. What it argues, however, is how big of a penalty it should pay. The South Korean company is saying that Apple is wrongfully asking for compensation for the earnings from the entire device, instead of the patented technology only.

“They’re seeking profits on the entire phone,” Bloomberg quotes Samsung lawyer John Quinn saying.

“But Apple’s patents do not cover the entire phone,” he said, before iterating that they are only entitled to the profits of the infringing components.

Samsung is asking the jury to limit the damages to $28 million.

Late last year, Apple has won $120 million from Samsung in another patent lawsuit. Back then, Apple had sued the Korean tech giant over the “slide to unlock” feature.

Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock