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Apple set to build second data centre in China

(Image credit: Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock)

Apple is going to build a new data centre in China as it looks to boost its presence in the world's largest tech market.

According to Reuters says, national news agency Xinhua reported that the new facility, the second in the country, will be built at Ulanqab City, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north of China.

The business is expected to become operational in 2020, and offer iCloud services to the Chinese in the Chinese mainland.

Last year, Apple set up a data centre in Guizhou, in the southern parts of China, to comply with the company’s strict data rules. Back then, an Apple spokesman in Shanghai told Reuters the centre is part of a planned $1 billion investment into the province.

“The addition of this data centre will allow us to improve the speed and reliability of our products and services while also complying with newly passed regulations,” Apple said.

“These regulations require cloud services be operated by Chinese companies so we’re partnering with GCBD to offer iCloud,” it said, referring to its online data storage service.

Apple was the first foreign firm to announce amendments to its data storage for China, after the company implemented new rules.

The Chinese government said the goal of the new regulation was not to make life difficult for foreign companies looking to do business in China, but rather to protect the consumers from the constant threat of cyber-attacks.

Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock