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Apple set to revamp mobile file management

(Image credit: Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock)

Apple is reportedly set to launch an all-new way to handle and organise all the files stored on your iOS device.

Sources have claimed that Apple's App Store has a placeholder for a new "Files" app which manages documents, images and more.

Developer Steve Throughton-Smith tweeted a screenshot of the iOS App Store claiming to show the new app with a macOS-styled folder icon, along with the tidbit that it requires iOS 11 to run.  

iOS 11 is expected to be revealed at Apple's WWDC event this week.

Apple has come in for criticism in the past for the way it handled files. While Android has a traditional file management system, paired with an integration with different cloud storage providers, Apple has left file management to individual apps and cloud services. 

This can also be tied to the fact that Apple is trying to improve on the productivity front. The Verge was kind enough to remind us of Steve Jobs’ words back in 2005: 

“Eventually, the file system management is just going to be an app for pros and consumers aren’t going need to use it.”

Image Credit: Pio3 / Shutterstock