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Apple users being targeted with more and more cyberattacks

(Image credit: Flickr / Jason Ralston)

Hackers that employ phishing tactics to try and scam people out of their valuable information are increasingly targeting those using Apple products, a new Kaspersky report claims.

The Threats to Mac Users Report 2019 says that we’ve witnessed 1.6 million phishing attempts against Apple users in the first half of the year. That’s roughly nine per cent more than the entire last year.

Most of the time, hackers make websites that look almost identical to those made by Apple, and which are most often made for different Apple services, such as iCloud. 

They would mail the victim, saying either that their device is in danger of malware, or that their account may get suspended if they don’t log in immediately. Within the email, they would provide the link which the unsuspecting victim would click. The link would take them to a website looking almost exactly the same as the original one, all with the goal of scamming people into typing in their credentials.

Tatyana Sidorina, security researcher at Kaspersky, believes hackers are turning towards Apple users because they’re easier to scam. And they’re easier to scam because the Apple ecosystem is generally considered a safer environment, making users less vigilant.

“Macs and other Apple devices is generally considered a far safer environment. Therefore users might be less cautious when they encounter fake websites. Meanwhile the successful theft of iCloud account credentials could lead to serious consequences – an iPhone or iPad could be remotely blocked or wiped by a malicious user, for example. We urge users of Apple devices to pay more attention to any emails they receive claiming to be from technical support, which request your details or ask you to visit a link,” she said.