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Apps and digital services could be key to your business success

(Image credit: Image Credit: TeroVesalainen / Pixabay)

Apps and digital services could be key to your business success, as consumers are increasingly reliant on such services. This is according to a newly released research by AppDynamics, which claims that three quarters of consumers in the UK rely heavily on digital services.

As a matter of fact, “we don’t even realise how much we rely on them”, the report claims.

Consequently, one of the main challenges for businesses and IT teams is to maintain the “always on” status of the services. That is turning out to be quite a difficult task, as almost nine in ten of the respondents reported having problems with digital services in the last year. Yet, it’s essential for business success, as roughly the same percentage of consumers expect to select brands, depending on the variety of their digital services.

Many have decided to switch suppliers because of poor digital experience, much more than two years ago, while two thirds try to discourage others from using a brand they’ve had a bad digital experience with.

The report has also uncovered that slightly above half of the respondents would be happy to pay premium for digital goods and services, if they were better than the competition.

“In The Era of the Digital Reflex, consumers will no longer forgive or forget poor experiences. A great digital performance is now the baseline for any business, but the real winners will be those that consistently exceed customer expectations by delivering a flawless experience,” said Danny Winokur, General Manager, AppDynamics.