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AWS boosts security with GuardDuty threat detection service

Amazon Web Services has looked to secure its ever-growing customer base with a comprehensive new security platform.

At its AWS Re:Invent 2017 event, the company revealed Amazon GuardDuty, an intelligent threat detection service that uses machine learning to spot risks to your business before they strike, scanning trillions of threats at once, continuously monitoring account activity for anything malicious or untoward. 

GuardDuty, which lives within the existing AWS Management Console, will then present news of these threats to the user at one of three levels (low, medium, or high), accompanied by detailed evidence and recommendations for fixing the issue. 

In a blog post announcing the news, the company noted that GuardDuty operates completely on AWS infrastructure, meaning it does not affect the performance or reliability of workloads, and requires no extra set-up or management.

This should greatly benefit organisations with multiple AWS accounts monitored by large-scale security teams, effectively taking out a lot of the time-heavy scanning or analysis.

“Customers often tell us that the best way we can help them stay secure is to give them smarter tools that make it easier to get security right,” said Stephen Schmidt, chief information security officer, Amazon Web Services. 

“We designed Amazon GuardDuty to be so simple and cost effective that turning it on would be an easy choice for every AWS customer, regardless of their security expertise or the existing security services they use. Amazon GuardDuty intelligently identifies hard-to-detect threats that might slip through the cracks of other security products and easily scales to meet the needs of any organisation, whether they have two AWS accounts or two thousand.”

GuardDuty is available now to AWS customers around the world from today.

Michael Moore
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