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AWS opens third London zone as EU growth soars

(Image credit: Image Credit: Gil C / Shutterstock)

Amazon has announced the opening of its 50th AWS Availability Zone (AZ), with the unveiling of the third AZ in the EU (London) Region. 

The company says this offering will give its customers additional flexibility to architect highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications that run across multiple AZs in the UK.

In a blog post announcing the new AZs, Amazon’s Jeff Barr (Chief Evangelist for AWS), says the AWS EU (London) Region has achieved Public Services Network (PSN) assurance.

This provides the UK Public Sector customers an assured infrastructure on which to build UK Public Sector services.

“In conjunction with AWS’s Standardized Architecture for UK-OFFICIAL, PSN assurance enables UK Public Sector organisations to move their UK-OFFICIAL classified data to the EU (London) Region in a controlled and risk-managed manner,” he says.

AWS is expanded by choosing a region and then building multiple, isolated AZs, the blog states. Each AZ has multiple internet connections and power connections to multiple grids.

The EU (London) Region has seen steady growth, Barr claims, saying AWS is being used by the BBC, BT, Deloitte, as well as Currencycloud, Cleascore, UnderwiteMe. There are also organisations from the public sector, like the Met Office, or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

You can find the complete list of AWS Regions and Services on this link. Pricing for services in the Region can be found on the detail pages; visit the Cloud Products.

Image Credit: Gil C / Shutterstock