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AWS+1 strategy to take the world by storm in 2017

There's a new business principle threatening to take the world by storm, if 451 Research's new report is to be trusted. The report, entitled 2017 Trends in Cloud Transformation, it says that next year we'll see a large uptake in the AWS+1 principle. Basically, it is believed CIOs will use Amazon Web Services, together with another, public cloud service. That will allow them flexibility, and will ensure they're not locked into a single vendor. 

This is important not only for CIOs looking for quality solutions for their organisation, but also for brokers who'll need to make sure they have the right offerings, or their clients will move elsewhere. 

“Brokers will need to provide access to a range of services, their own as well as third party and partner offerings, or risk the customer going elsewhere,” 451 Research says in its report. “Brokers’ success will depend on their ability to deliver multiple cloud service types and for those services to be destinations for new application deployments, modernised (aaS) and migrated applications.” 

Next year, service providers will have to focus on untapped markets and high-value services, if they want to survive, the report says. Things like application management, managed security and business processes will be in focus. Sole virtual machines will not win market share or revenue, 451 Research says. What businesses need to do is partner up, even with those who were considered as competition. 

“This will lead to a Cambrian explosion of new services, platforms and ecologies, according to analysts.” The report is rich in information regarding cloud and managed infrastructure, as well as market growth. You can find the full report on this link.

Image source: Shutterstock/Omelchenko

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