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Bad mobile working tech is costing businesses thousands

Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay

Poor mobile working technology can cost organisations up to $20,000 per employee, every year. This is according to a new report by SOTI. It says that some 1.7 billion workers nowadays rely on mobile tech to perform everyday job functions. Mobility has become business-critical, and even one dropped connection or poorly performing application per shift can translate into almost $20,000 in annual support and productivity loss costs per mobile worker.

Almost a quarter of a working day can get lost, as a consequence of poorly working technology.

The report also states that many organisations aren't using enterprise mobility management solutions, which could offer complete visibility into mobile device and app usage. That could help further streamline business-critical mobility support, improve user experience and mitigate the abovementioned expenses.

To make the irony that much greater, the majority of organisations buy into new tech, looking to improve worker productivity and boost their bottom line.

“If organizations are not leveraging an integrated mobile approach to improve the visibility, management, and support of their business-critical mobility solutions, they are limiting their ability to quickly diagnose and fix issues which directly leads to losses in revenue,” commented Shash Anand, Vice-President of Product Strategy at SOTI.

“Frankly, we were shocked to learn that 30 per cent of respondents reported that they couldn’t determine ROI from mobility. This suggests that IT teams and their internal business partners need to do a better job of showcasing the role that mobility plays in driving revenue and increasing productivity. Once ROI has been determined, there should be no barriers to making mobility investments,” Anand added.

The report states that there are three things organisations can do in order to minimise the impact of failed business-critical mobile solutions, and all revolve around the visibility and ability to remotely manage mobile solutions. Those are securing devices, managing mobile devices, and deploying mobile devices.

The full report with all its details can be found on this link.

Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay