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Better tech could prevent deaths, healthcare workers say

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Most healthcare professionals in the UK agree that superior technology would allow more lives to be saved. 

This is according to IoT management provider SOTI, which recently polled 475 homecare workers and nurses to understand how the technology they use affects patient outcomes.

SOTI found that most healthcare workers spend a significant portion of their time fixing various IT-related issues; time that could have been spent helping patients.

The report argues that poor tech, or a complete lack of it, could explain why just a third (37 percent) of UK healthcare workers' time is spent helping patients, with the rest spent on administrative work.

To make matters even worse, Covid-19 has made the situation that much more difficult. While some respondents claimed their employers introduced new tech to help combat the crisis, they also said their existing systems and technology have been unable to cope and that further investments were necessary

SOTI argues that introducing IoT devices could alleviate many of the pain points healthcare practitioners are currently feeling.

Healthcare workers are wasting time on admin tasks that could be simplified with integrated mobile technology," said Stefan Spendrup, VP of Sales, Northern and Western Europe at SOTI.

"Frontline staff are also impacted by legacy or outdated technology and with 68 percent of UK healthcare workers agreeing that better technology could help improve patient care, it is a clear sign that the time for smarter technology adoption is now."

Sead Fadilpašić

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