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Big tech firms must do more to help SMEs, report claims

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/violetkaipa)

Technology vendors should do more to help SMBs recover and grow post-pandemic, according to a new report from IBM.

The report claims that confusion “reigns supreme” among SMBs, which are struggling to identify key selling points for certain technology solutions, and are having a hard time communicating with their boards of directors on the topic.

On the bright side, almost three quarters of SMBs see data storage as a “constant consideration” for cross-business future readiness, and have embedded data storage into their IT investment planning.

Further, the vast majority of SMBs are making a conscious effort to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in data storage.

However, businesses are getting confusing input virtually every step of the way: when establishing the business need for data storage, at point of purchase, and during implementation.

IBM argues that there’s no single, deciding factor that holds SMBs back from investing in data storage technology, but barriers range from cost, to justifying business need and skills shortages.

The majority of SMBs are also not equipped to communicate with board members on the importance of investing in key areas of tech infrastructure. Almost two thirds find it problematic, difficult or extremely challenging.

The report also claims that SMBs are split down the middle in terms of readiness, with half claiming they have access to the necessary resources and knowledge to handle their data storage needs.

Compared to both sole traders and large enterprise, SMBs are more likely to believe that innovation is somehow inhibited in their business, the report concludes.