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British businesses are missing out on a bright digital future

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Many UK firms are holding back from fully embracing new digital technologies due to ongoing concerns both internal and external.

New research from Fujitsu have revealed almost half (44 percent) of executives saying they were worried their companies may miss out on the benefits of technology innovation, simply because they haven’t planned radically enough to fully embrace both new technology and digital transformation as a whole.  

Overall, nearly two-thirds (58 percent) of UK public and private sector leaders say public nervousness around new technologies is holding them back, despite the need to make progress in digital transformation deemed vital to future success, and the many positive influences technology is having on people's everyday lives.

Over two-fifths (42 percent) of people surveyed said they are unsure or don’t feel AI will have a positive impact on life in the next five years, with a further 15 percent admitting they simply don’t understand the technology well enough to understand its impact. 

For robotics – another example – a large proportion (45 percent) said they are unsure or don’t feel it will have a positive impact within the next five years, despite many large businesses already implementing the technology.

Many people also admit to having less trust in businesses dealing largely with technology, with 39 percent of UK citizens saying they have less trust in organisations now than they did five years ago.

“It’s no secret we’re living through a period of change in the UK; change which is predominantly being driven by technological innovation. Whilst it is positive to see that organisations are keen to forge ahead with technological innovation, it’s clearly not happening fast enough, particularly when people are demanding ‘connected experiences’ that are seamless in both their personal and professional lives’, says Ravi Krishnamoorthi, Managing Director & Head of Private Sector, Fujitsu UK.

“There is clearly a tension between the need to drive technology-enabled change, but to tune-in to the concerns of the public. Finding the balance between respect for customer’s feelings towards technology and accelerating technology adoption is a critical dilemma for today’s leaders,” he added. 

“To help the country succeed in the future, organisational leaders need to achieve the right balance – between respecting the concerns of the public and the need to plan radically for the future. To do this, UK organisations need to look at how they can update their traditional structures in light of digital in order to deliver on a UK that is fit to compete.”

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Mike Moore is Deputy Editor at TechRadar Pro, and has worked as a B2B and B2C tech journalist for nearly a decade, including at one of the UK's leading national newspapers and ITProPortal.