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British employees 'wasting time' on co-worker tech problems

(Image credit: Image Credit: ChingChing / Shutterstock)

British workers are suffering major drops in productivity due to having to deal with a lack of technology awareness in the office.

According to a new poll, almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of office workers have been distracted by their less tech-savvy colleagues, a survey by memory and storage firm Crucial found.

These distractions are leading to an average of 17 minutes lost every day in having to help out fellow employees, with London workers having to take the most time out to assist colleagues. A third (34 per cent) of those surveyed also admitted trying to fix problems with technology themselves, but always end up calling someone else

The most common IT complaints from those who are less tech-savvy are a PC or programme freezing or running slowly (46 per cent), a PC or programme crashing (38 per cent), not being able to connect to the internet (24 per cent) and losing unsaved work (23 per cent). 

The most common fixes were also found to be simple steps, the survey found, with calling IT support (32 per cent) and turning off their PC (28 per cent) being the top responses.

“Slow technology not only wastes time and money but it can be incredibly frustrating," said Crucial's Jonathan Weech.

“Dealing with slow computers and hapless colleagues can be excruciating. But there is hope – a memory and SSD upgrade can be one of the best ways to solve this problem. You can get a lot of the time back that you spend waiting and helping others, and alleviate the stress that comes with it. Massive changes don’t need to happen to improve your computer, and a memory and SSD upgrade delivers small, sustainable changes that deliver immediate and lasting results.”

Michael Moore
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