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Brits are not shopping sustainably for their tech

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/violetkaipa)

Despite the constant warnings about global warming, pollution and the destruction of the environment, and the calls being made all over the world for everyone to do their part in reversing the life-threatening trend, it seems as consumers in the UK care very little - at least when it comes to buying tech.

IBM’s new study suggests that the majority of brits go for cost and convenience, rather than sustainability. Based on a poll of 2,000 adults in the country, a quarter admitted they haven’t changed their buying habits to be more “green”.

However, two thirds of Brits also said that they would care about sustainability, if they better understood the impact of the technology on the environment, which seems to suggest that their knowledge on the topic is somewhat limited.

IBM’s respondents believe tech has a positive impact on sustainability, mostly with energy saving appliances, solar panels and wind turbines. They also believe AI can be fully transformative, as artificial intelligence can track different trends to eliminate surplus and improve on savings.

The number one sustainability issue, according to the Brits, is plastic. Most of the respondents worry about plastic ending up in the ocean, and about sea animals eating microplastics in their food.

“We are experiencing a time of rapid change with many of us looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint,” said Andy Stanford-Clark, Chief Technology Officer, IBM UK and Ireland.

“But not all consumers are taking action. There is optimism that the latest technologies can - and should - play a critical role in our quest for a more sustainable world. Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things are just a few of the tools already at our disposal."