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Brits will spend a bunch of money on mobile devices this year

(Image credit: Image Credit: Nito / Shutterstock)

This year, the UK will spend more than £27 billion on mobile devices, new figures from and the Centre for Retail Research show.

This means there will be a 26 percent jump, compared to last year.

Consequently, online retail sales will also grow – 11.5 per cent, compared to 2016. British shoppers are expected to be quite the spenders this year, spending a total of £1.428.39 per head online. That’s a third higher than the EU average of £1,003.54.

The report also found that almost three quarters (71.5 per cent) of the UK population are now considered e-shoppers. Combined, they’re expected to spend £67.38 billion online this year. 

These latest figures confirm the increasing significance of mobile to both retailers and consumers, which is now the main driver for the continued growth of the online retail sector”, commented Claire Davenport, Managing Director at

“This year, 40 pence of every pound spent online will come from a mobile transaction, a reality that retailers simply cannot ignore. To remain competitive and respond to customer demands, it is more vital than ever for UK retailers to evolve their mobile offering. This can be done by providing an optimised and mobile-friendly online shopping experience, developing truly seamless customer experiences across all channels, and harnessing the power of targeted mobile marketing to drive footfall.”

“As a nation, we are embracing mobile spending far more than our European counterparts - proving that the UK’s consumers and retailers are very open to digital innovation in retail.”

Image Credit: Nito / Shutterstock