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BT and Sky Broadband issue customer warnings regarding Yahoo hack

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In the wake of Yahoo confirming that at least 500 million its user accounts were stolen in 2014 by “state-sponsored” hackers, Sky Broadband and BT are both warning their customers that some them may have been affected as both companies use Yahoo for their respective email platforms.

Yahoo only recently became aware of the hack that occurred two years ago and after finding out about it, allegedly waited an entire month to confirm that it had occurred. It is believed from a post by the cyber-attacker “Peace” on the dark web, that user names, passwords, email addresses, telephone numbers as well as dates of birth were acquired from the hack.

The aftermath of the attack is certainly affecting Yahoo and the multitude of companies that rely on its platform. BT and Sky Broadband have both used and may even still be using Yahoo for its email service.

BT will hopefully be less affected by the hack being as it considers Yahoo a “legacy product used by some customers” and it has stated that only a “minority of our customers are affected.”

A spokesperson for the company offered more details, saying: “BT is currently investigating the Yahoo data breach. As a predication for the minority of our customers who use Yahoo mail, we are advising those who haven't changed their passwords post-December 2014 to change them.”

Sky Broadband on the other hand will likely be hit harder as its Sky Yahoo Mail service is used by a much larger number of its customers. A support agent for the company expounded on its stance regarding the hack, saying: “At Sky, we take the security of our customers’ data and information extremely seriously. You may have seen that overnight Yahoo! announced that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from its company’s network in late 2014. Yahoo is the provider of email accounts. If you are a email holder, in line with the advice provided by Yahoo!, we advise that you change your passwords online and follow good password management practices.”

It is also worth noting that Yahoo was hacked two years ago and if your information was leaked it is likely that it has already been used in which it case it is of the utmost importance that you change your password immediately. 

Image Credit: 10 Face / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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