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BT bigs up supposed £23 billion contribution to the UK in 2016

In an effort to highlight the ways it has benefited the UK, BT has published a new report revealing how the telecom spends over £9.3 billion a year in the UK and that it has boosted its economy by £23.1 billion in the past year alone.

The report, entitled 'Social Study 2016 – The Economic Impact of BT across the UK', was produced by Regeneris Consulting. BT releases a yearly report to show how it has impacted the economy of the UK and this year it has included its £12.5 billion merger with EE.

The report also stressed the importance of the company's plan to invest over £6 billion into providing the country with superfast broadband over the next three years. BT will be extending 4G coverage to over 95 per cent of the country by 2020. By improving the UK's networks, the company will be making it easier for businesses to stay connected and to expand their operations.

BT also acknowledged that it currently employees around 81,400 employees among itself and EE. There are also an additional 10,600 full time contractors that work for the two companies. Overall BT employs 1 in every 210 employees working in the UK's private sector.

The CEO of BT Group Gavin Patterson commented on how the company will be able to do more for the UK as a result of its recent acquisition of EE, saying: “The acquisition of EE means we can invest even further, enabling people living and working in the UK to get access to the best communications – fixed line, mobile and broadband services – now and in the future.

“As well as providing the means for families, homeworkers, companies and other organisations to communicate and do business in new and exciting ways, BT is helping to support other firms and suppliers in the UK with the company's procurement and overall expenditure and the spending of its employees.”

Image Credit: Paul Downey / Flickr

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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