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BT internet outage affects thousands across the UK

BT is experiencing internet outages across its network in the UK, that has left customers frustrated over the lack of service and they have begun taking to social media to launch complaints against the telecom.

According to the site downdetector, the company's network has been having issues since 12:08 and users have posted reports on the site from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and a number of other areas confirming difficulties getting online.

A number of outraged customers began to post on BT's Twitter regarding the recent outage.Twitter user Iain Alexander even went so far as to suggest that the outage could have been the result of a DNS attack, saying: “Looks like @BT internet having issues today.  DNS attack?”

After last Friday's Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the DNS service provider Dyn, such an attack on BT's network seems much more plausible as cyber attackers have increased the scope and scale of their attacks.
The telecom's own service page is currently showing ongoing problems with its BT Infinity, broadband and telephone services.

The cause of the outage is currently unknown but we will likely find out more as BT works to resolve the issues that caused it.

UPDATE: BT issued a statement yesterday evening saying:  “A small number of BT customers had difficulty accessing certain websites or applications for less than ten minutes this afternoon. We are continuing to investigate this and there are currently no indications that it was an issue with our network."

Image Credit: Paul Downey / Flickr

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