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BT launches new program to support the smallest businesses

(Image credit: / Pressmaster)

BT has created a new business unit, the sole purpose of which is to help microbusinesses remain operational during the pandemic and grow to their full potential.

Classified as companies with up to nine employees, microbusinesses make up 95 percent of the UK’s private sector companies, the telecoms operator explained. 

In order to help those businesses survive and thrive, the company will offer business-grade connections that bring “value for money”, as well as a “premium customer service experience”. Further, BT has promised to launch a new suite of services and apps to help the UK’s private sector grow, by “building stronger digital foundations.”

While BT wasn’t very specific what these services and apps may be, it did say that they could include stronger cybersecurity measures, free digital skills training, or new digital advertising tools. 

The company also said it wants to help microbusinesses thrive by offering new online tools to simplify the process of running digital advertising campaigns. It claims that, while almost two-thirds of microbusinesses see digital marketing as vital to their survival, the majority don’t have the experience, time or budget to properly run a paid digital media campaign. 

The new business unit will sit within BT's Enterprise division and is set to launch officially on July 1.