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BT teams up with Microsoft to improve its cloud offering

British telecommunications company BT announced today a new offering, expanding the cloud choice for its customers.  BT Computer for Microsoft Azure allows BT’s customers to order Microsoft Azure together with BT’s cloud. With the new offering, according to BT’s press release, customers will be able to create hybrid cloud infrastructure with a single service wrap, on a single bill.  

Neil Lock, vice president of BT Compute at Global Services, BT, said: “Hybrid cloud has become a major focus for many large enterprises as they choose a variety of cloud solutions to suit their complex business needs. In fact, BT research suggests that 90 per cent of its largest customers expect to be using a combination of public and private cloud in the next few years. Through our relationship with Microsoft, customers can build their own hybrid cloud environment and enjoy the benefits of Azure whilst removing costly management concerns from the equation. Our Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy is all about empowering our customers take advantage of the choice, flexibility and control of cloud without concerns about the complexity and security.” 

BT said the new service will be widely available in the fourth quarter of 2016. 

“BT is a natural fit to provide managed cloud services on Azure,” added Aziz Benmalek, vice president, Worldwide Cloud and Hosting Services.  “Through our relationship with BT, we're able to help customers with their infrastructure management and give them the ability to scale their business in a consistent hybrid cloud environment." 

Image Credit: Paul Downey / Flickr