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Business leaders often fail to listen to advice from IT

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Business leaders often regard the IT department as a tool, rather than a source of innovation, which leads to a range of missed opportunities.

This is according to a new report from IT firm Insight, which polled 550 senior IT decision-makers from enterprises with 500+ employees across Europe. The company found that almost three-quarters (72 percent) of business leaders see the IT department as a utility, rather than a business enabler. In just 22 percent of cases, the IT department was given a seat at the board.

While most senior IT decision-makers (83 percent) believe the pandemic has permanently transformed the way people work, almost two-thirds (61 percent) of businesses are hesitant to invest in projects that improve the employee experience and optimize business performances. Most of them believe the climate will return to the “old normal” once the pandemic subsides.

The result could be that enterprises end up investing in projects without believing in their goal, or fail to understand the impact of the “new normal”. This could lead to wasted investments, failed projects and an inability to compete.

“We are not going to see a return to the status quo, and it’s absolutely imperative that organizations adapt. There’s already a huge risk associated with making investments in the wrong place. But an incorrect investment at this moment in time could prove more damaging than ever before, leaving the enterprise unequipped for new ways of working and doing business," said Emma de Sousa, President, EMEA at Insight.

"The gap between IT teams and the wider business must be closed as an urgent priority: businesses have to engage with IT on a more strategic basis, and measure it against businesses objectives.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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