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Businesses are underestimating risk in the digital age

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Employees across Europe are aware of the potential disasters that can arise as a result of risky cyber behavior, but many are still happy to take such risks, a new report from Iron Mountain reveals.

The information management services company recently surveyed 11,000 employees in 10 countries across the EMEA region and found that a third (32 percent) have made a “critical” error at work. Furthermore, 14 percent took a risk that ended up costing their organization money.

Even though three-quarters believe risk management to be vital to the protection of sensitive corporate data, half (49 percent) still think it’s worth taking such risks at work.

Falling victim to a scam and losing their company money doesn’t seem to have changed employees' attitudes to risk-taking, the report adds. A third (34 percent) still use the same password across multiple platforms, a quarter (27 percent) still forget to lock their computers when leaving the desk, and a fifth (18 percent) still keep their password on a note, sitting on their desk.

These risks are further “magnified” by hybrid working, Iron Mountain concluded, with a third (36 percent) of workers admitting to being less security conscious when working remotely.

Iron Mountain also questioned the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness training sessions. According to two-thirds of data managers, these sessions are attended by 50-100 percent of employees, but a third (36 percent) of workers said they never received such training.

“An element of risk-taking can enable a business to innovate, but lack of awareness about potential everyday dangers can hinder long-term resilience,” said Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership, Iron Mountain. “We advise empowering every employee to become a risk ambassador by embedding risk awareness within your culture.” 

Sead Fadilpašić

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