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Businesses falling short when it comes to secure login technologies

password box on computer screen
(Image credit: Image Credit: Christiaan Colen / Flickr)

The login process can make or break the customer experience, as many businesses are finding out the hard way, a new report from access management firm Auth0 claims. 

According to the report, consumers around the world want greater choice when it comes to logging in.

Of the 8,000 consumers and 1,200 IT and marketing decision-makers polled, almost half said they were more likely to sign up to an app or online service that offers MFA.

Meanwhile, 47 percent said they were more likely to sign up to a service offering Single Sign-On (SSO), using a single ID and password for multiple related services. Biometrics, social logins and passwordless methods were also listed as desirable. 

Unfortunately, says Auth0, most businesses don’t offer these options, frustrating many consumers. Almost half (45 percent) offer SSO capabilities, less than a third (28 percent) MFA, and roughly a fifth offer biometrics (21 percent). Social login is an option provided by a third of businesses (31 percent) and passwordless by one fifth (20 percent). Across the six markets surveyed for the paper, a tenth (11 percent) didn’t offer any of the above.

Steven Rees-Pullman, SVP at Auth0, claims that while consumers are looking for convenience, businesses are more concerned about security.

“Clearly there’s a gap between consumer and business expectations, but it really comes down to convenience. Consumers want to use digital services, but if the login process is clunky or frustrating, they will take their businesses elsewhere,” he said.

“With the proliferation of online threats, organizations are challenged to find the right balance between ease and security, and it’s really an ‘aha moment’ when they realize how identity management can help.”