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British businesses have learned nothing from WannaCry

(Image credit: Image Credit: JMiks / Shutterstock)

Despite its destructive power, last year's huge WannaCry cyberattack has done very little to prompt businesses to react. 

This is according to a new report by Tanium. Based on a poll of 500 frontline IT security workers in the UK, a third admitted that nothing has changed since WannaCry, which affected businesses of all sizes across the world.

The report also claims that 40 per cent are even more exposed now than they were a year ago, with 31 per cent saying their company invested in new security solutions since the WannaCry incident.

When WannaCry struck, there was immediate concern. However, this worry did not translate into long-term action, the report concludes.

It says that businesses are struggling with patching, and that the need to innovate fast is leaving them vulnerable.

“It's genuinely concerning that U.K. organisations claim to have learnt lessons from WannaCry but are struggling to take actions to stop a similar attack from happening again,” commented Matt Ellard, vice president, EMEA at Tanium.

“The attack, which grabbed headlines all over the world, should have been a wake-up call for businesses to get their houses in order. However, legacy systems and architecture, fear of patching, fragmentation of point solutions, limited budgets and silos that exist within the IT operations and security teams are still leaving UK firms vulnerable to attack.”

Image Credit: JMiks / Shutterstock