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Businesses holding on to decommissioned tech over breach concerns

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UK businesses are hoarding old, outdated and unused technology, some of which could be worth more than $12,000, according to a new report from DSA Connect. 

Instead of throwing old hardware out, or selling it to generate extra funds, business leaders are deciding to hold onto it over concerns about possible data breaches.

DSA Connect, a company that deals in permanent deletion of electronic data, has published a new report that states some UK business leaders are afraid the data on old devices has not been properly deleted. This makes decommissioned devices a possible data liability.

According to roughly a third of the respondents who believe their organization hoards such tech, the value of the old hardware is north of $12,000.

For Harry Benham, Chairman of CSA Connect, getting stuck with old gear is something that is bound to happen to every business, be that due to downsizing, periodic equipment refreshes or office relocations. But “mothballing” equipment is an “alarming” trend, he says.

"Data can be permanently removed from this technology and it could then be properly reused in some format or sold on," Bentham explains.

In the past couple of years, amid a number of high-profile data breaches and the introduction of GDPR, both businesses and consumers have become increasingly aware of the importance of safeguarding data.

Sead Fadilpašić

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