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Businesses 'out of touch' with staff on hybrid working issue

remote working
(Image credit: Image Credit: llaszlo / Shutterstock)

Hybrid working is expected to provide an important bridge between remote working and the office in the coming months. But it seems workers and their bosses aren’t seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to creating the best employee experience. 

According to a new survey from tech company Unisys Corporation, most organizations (66 percent) are working on a new operating model as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the majority (61 percent), the goal of these new models is to ensure employee safety and achieve more productivity (47 percent). For almost two-thirds (64 percent), their key driver is to create a better overall employee experience.

However, there are discrepancies when it comes to the priorities of businesses and their staff. While work location and schedule that is conducive to family life is important for most (66 percent) employees in EMEA, roughly half (49 percent) of business leaders agree.

Further, while half (51 percent) of employees see empowering teams and individuals as crucial, only 31 percent of businesses acknowledge this. On the other hand, most business leaders (55 percent) say access to the most up-to-date technology is key to an ideal employee experience, something 43 percent of employees would agree with.

The report also found that business leaders are much more concerned about the practicalities of remote working, such as eliminating difficulties communicating, solving the lack of management oversight and visibility, as well as making sure everyone has proper access to the right data. 

Finally, using unfamiliar remote working technologies is seen as a challenge by 41 percent of business leaders, but only by 10 percent of employees.