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Businesses still don't have a handle on securing remote employees

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More than a year into the pandemic, businesses are still struggling to secure their remote workers, a new report from Thales claims.

The report states that most businesses (82 percent) are still worried about the security risks that come with a distributed workforce. And these worries are not unfounded; almost half (47 percent) have seen an increase in the volume, severity, and scope of cyberattacks in the past twelve months.

Of all of the respondents that have ever suffered a breach, 41 percent fell victim within the last year. This number has almost doubled year-on-year, highlighting the security challenges posed by the pandemic.

There are three main sources of security attacks: malware, ransomware and phishing. However, all of these would be a lot less dangerous if employees weren’t so reckless. Internal threats are still considered a bigger threat than external attackers, in many cases. 

Most businesses were not prepared to handle the disruptive change brought upon them by the pandemic, and these days many are turning to the cloud to store their data. Half of businesses said more than 40 percent of their data is stored in external cloud environments. 

To secure it, they’re deploying zero trust strategies. Despite their best efforts, worries continue to grow.